Coach Put me In!

IMG_9996 Coach put me in! This is my FAVORITE PURSE i just bought it from the Coach out-lit in Georgia this past moth on my visit. It was originally $209 and it was on sale for $70  i could not pass up a Coach sale like that. My mom said it looked like a curtain but i like the fact that the texture gives the purse character and i don't want to walk around with a purse that everyone has what is the fun in that???? But i also paired it with my movie shades that i bought in California for $10. and my Indian cuff bracelet for JcPenny for $7 and also my statement necklace form Rue 21 I also got it on sale for $2.

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  • lol of course I do! The thing is my mom and I have a completely different style!

    khasi mcdaniel

  • Dont you just love crazy things your mums say when you buy things you just love, hee hee.


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