Print Party People!!!

Funny thing is when I get dressed this is how my mind wants me to look, but when I pick out clothes it never seems this easy. I all depends on taste and the way you put it together. You have to clash but not be tacky. Its a fun challenge trust me. I have totally branched out my style to mixing prints and being ok about it. Try it and send me your pictures I would love you put you on my blog. Also comment and tell me what you think about prints on prints. :) (My info is below)IMG_2938 IMG_2937Khasi email: Khasi.McDaniel@gmail.com

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  • Mixing prints has always been a hassle for me, I tried this once and I’ll send you the picture :)

    Yvonne Ben

  • I have learned to mix prints myself, it is fun like you said :)


  • Awesome I’d love you put you on the blog!!

    khasi mcdaniel

  • I agree! Mixing prints is a challenge, but nonetheless fun! I’ll incorporate that into a future look and send it your way:-)


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