Fur and Flare

I do a lot of sketching everyday. I decided it would be a great time to show you guys now that i have finally found my style. It took weeks for practicing but I got it. I come up with ideas everyday lol my head will explode if I don't put them on paper. (so just for the safety of my head) I will put my sketches on here. IMG_3184

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  • I like this! It’s so different, and I LOVE how you contrasted the soft corduroy with the sleek Leather!! Personally I always team Wool with leather but with summer coming I will try the cords!xxx


  • Looks great Khasi. Love the fur and leather. Maybe you could make me one? :)


  • Thank you :)

    khasi mcdaniel

  • What a cool sketch!


  • Lol I’d love to!!

    khasi mcdaniel

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