UP In The Clouds / ballons

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Up in the Clouds Is something more than just a title it is a motto for my life. It means life is more than what you see on the surface and what you can do is limitless. Life's experiences should be limitless and your would should be limitless. To me fashion is more than a thing it is and art and  science that brings the world together unintentionally. Colors make you not only see but feel. Fabrics not only feel but they bring emotion and memories. Like the picture says "Fashion is a LifeStyle and a Life of Style". When i think about it I am always stuck in the dream mode, it  is separate from the reality. Once I start working i forget about the world and live and love what I am doing. I plan to take my career and my life to all new limits and make sure that My creativity My world and My company are "Up in the Clouds".

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