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matthew-williamson-2011-bag-collection-8This purse reminds me so much of "The Wiz" and of course "The Wizard of Oz". Emerald city was definitely on the designers mind, because it is on mine.

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Bone Breaking

3D printing has really over taken the world of fashion. This is an amazing thing to happen I just want to really know whats next. unusual_jewelry

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I don't know Frank Surprise me ;)

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Breaking Heads

Strangely enough I really like this necklace. It have a very grudge feel to it but still has the unique and subtle white color. The fact that it has babies as the heads is a turn actually, but I would still wear it. puyiyang1

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How much time left Doc?

Is this over the top or what? It is a mix between fun, doctor-like, interesting, and scary. I would wear them if I really got the chance to if you want me to be honest. I enjoy weird things it throws people off.article-2273825-175B64D8000005DC-442_634x830 article-2273825-175B64B7000005DC-358_306x423 large-1 article-2273825-175B64A6000005DC-553_634x346

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90's Babies Know


Cher you are forever my fashion idol. I soooooo would not mind if they made a grown up version of the movie. The 90's is my favorite decade. You can clearly tell through my baggy and minimalist clothes. I want to ultimately design for that market. I know it would cater to a fairly large audience.

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Summer to Fall Fashion Video


This i my first fashion video. I really enjoyed making it!

first outfit:

dress- Forever 21

Jacket: Goodwill

Shoes: Payless

second outfit:

shirt- brothers closet lol

skirt- made myself

shoes: Holidays

third outfit:

shirt: H&M

shorts: Goodwill

Shoes: Holidays

forth outfit:

shirt- H&M

skirt- D.I.Y. distressed from Goodwill

Shoes: D.I.Y. City Trends

If you would like me to make any other video of your choice just comment below and let me know!!

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fashion show snap shots

[caption id="attachment_145" align="aligncenter" width="640"]This was a great show. It was my first and not my last here just a few snap shops of what I received. But more on the show will be in a later post :) This was a great show. It was my first and not my last here just a few snap shops of what I received. But more on the show will be in a later post :)[/caption]


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H&M love Jones

[caption id="attachment_54" align="aligncenter" width="640"]H&M is my love. Marry me please?! H&M is my love. Marry me please?![/caption]
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