UP In The Clouds — design


This purse reminds me so much of "The Wiz" and of course "The Wizard of Oz". Emerald city was definitely on the designers mind, because it is on mine.

Bone Breaking

3D printing has really over taken the world of fashion. This is an amazing thing to happen I just want to really know whats next.

I don't know Frank Surprise me ;)

Breaking Heads

Strangely enough I really like this necklace. It have a very grudge feel to it but still has the unique and subtle white color. The fact that it has babies as the heads is a turn actually, but I would still wear it.

How much time left Doc?

Is this over the top or what? It is a mix between fun, doctor-like, interesting, and scary. I would wear them if I really got the chance to if you want me to be honest. I enjoy weird things it throws people off.

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