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Lindy Loopsy

Bone Breaking

3D printing has really over taken the world of fashion. This is an amazing thing to happen I just want to really know whats next.

Watch Yourself

I love this monster. After reminiscing on Monsters Inc. I wanted this sweater so bad. Lazy Oaf has been on my blog time and time again because they continue to please my eyes and mind. Here is the link and price of the sweater :http://www.lazyoaf.com/lazy-oaf-watch-yourself-sweatshirt-2 It is $65 pounds

I don't know Frank Surprise me ;)

Finding Nemo n' friends

    Can we all say "Innovative"? If this isn't creative and absolutely breath taking I don't know what is. I know that PEDA and the other people have a problem with it but you guys think of it as a portable pet taker-arounder. Everyone wins honestly