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Leather is here to stay

  Leather is something that came into the scene about two years ago and has yet to seem to go away. I think that leather will pull another year in a half into the fashion industry. I just want to see what else a designer can come out with using leather.

Ways to wear a circle leather skirt.

[gallery type="circle" link="file" ids="381,379,380"] This is the leather circle skirt that i sewed myself. It really took me a while because it was my first one but the Simplicity pattern for the circle skirt is very easy to read. I paired the skirt first with my "Wheres Waldo" shirt my friends called it. I thrifted this fun shirt from Goodwill. And the second look  bought the shirt from Forever 21. Funny thing is the back of the shirt was a low plunge and i decided to turn it backwards to see how it looked and I came out with a...