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Trashin Fashion Show

The Aquarium in Long Beach hosts a fashion show every year and yours truly was one of the 10 finalist to be in it. This was the most exhilarating experiences I have ever been a part of. All the garments had to be made out of %100 recycled materials and look beautiful all at the same time. After losing my model and finding a random beautiful girl and hour before the show at the aquarium I had to completely rearrange the bottom of my dress 10 minutes before the show. I had so much fun and it felt amazing to...

Print Party People!!!

Funny thing is when I get dressed this is how my mind wants me to look, but when I pick out clothes it never seems this easy. I all depends on taste and the way you put it together. You have to clash but not be tacky. Its a fun challenge trust me. I have totally branched out my style to mixing prints and being ok about it. Try it and send me your pictures I would love you put you on my blog. Also comment and tell me what you think about prints on prints. :) (My info is...

Beyond Geo and Gigi

I really enjoy Givenchy. He and his team do the most amazing looking pieces that will remain relevant for years. The way that he manipulates all his clothing really take it to the next level ( not like he hasn't gotten there already),  but he is a huge inspiration to me and my style.

Leather is here to stay

  Leather is something that came into the scene about two years ago and has yet to seem to go away. I think that leather will pull another year in a half into the fashion industry. I just want to see what else a designer can come out with using leather.

Dsquared2 Twin Trouble

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="628,630,627,631"] These men are two amazing designers in the form of one person They first came to my attention about two years ago when they came out with the normal Fall/Winter line of 2011. There was nothing normal about what they were doing with their brand. The way they put dressy mens fashion on women was very flattering to the women's body. I can't wait to see what they will come up with this Fall/Winter 2013-2014.