UP In The Clouds — pattern

Team Player

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="477,478,479"] I am a big lover of jerseys to show off my sporty and tomboy side. Plus they are comfortable and look great with a nice pair of shorts and combat boots. But i decided to dress it up a bit with gold jelwery and red lipstick. You can never go wrong with red. With jerseys you can keep it simple and continue to be laid back. This Jersey was 3.99 from Goodwill. funny thing about all of my jerseys from soccer ,and volleyball were number 4. It is safe to say that it is my favorite number....

Chris Cross.....Amen

[gallery type="circle" ids="206,205,204"] This is the jewlery selection of my Super Summer haul. These cross earring are soooo much fun. They are big enough to be seen and big enough to make a statement. I got the ear cuff from Icing and the giant cross earrings from City trends and i did not spend over $6. plus for me!!!!

Where is she going #2 out of 5

This girl has so much perfection i cant really stand to look at her so i will let you guys look at her. I love love love her shorts. Shorts now an days are all about the jeans what can we do with the jeans but these are focused mainly on the pocket. I love the way she mixed different colored denim with different colored patterns just for fun. This is a laid back every further with a touch of sass and urban street. Figured out where I am going to move yet??? comment below if you think you know!!!...

OOTD with the Cheetah pumps

This is the outfit i would definitely wear with the pumps I just bought.  I am a big person on color and contrasting colors. This purple/magenta Chiffon shirt went perfectly with my army green cargo pants. The shirt is from Forever 21 and the cargo pants are from JcPenny. I also added my cheetah nerdglasses from Icing and my Cheetah bracelet also from Forever 21. I always wear my favorite D.I.Y. gold chain to complete the look.  


I normally do not but shoes from consignment stores but these were way to good to pass up. They a furry 4 inch pumps and they are way to cute! I dont know who Bakers is but i will also look that up and see if these shoes have any real value to them. Plus I have a Bracelet that matches it perfectly!! they were 9.99 from Goodwill. I am a huge thrift shopper and today i literally only had $20 in my pocket and i got these puppies. ;)