UP In The Clouds — pattern


[caption id="attachment_89" align="aligncenter" width="444"] I just made these cuffs inspired by the ones you see on the internet. I made it from a broken bracelet. I totally already fell in love with them. There are SO many outfits I can wear with them!![/caption] [caption id="attachment_91" align="aligncenter" width="381"] I fell in love with my gold cuffs as soon as I put them on. All of the ones I saw online are amazing also but knowing my I make everything that I really own so whyyyy not make my favorite piece of spring/summer fashion 2013. I love it love it LOVE IT!...


[caption id="attachment_67" align="aligncenter" width="640"] There is nothing more cool than a rocker girl with an honest-blunt personality. This jacket is an inspiration to me. I am not much of a girl that is into the rocker type look but I will definitely wear this jacket anytime. The pins in the jacket give it extra flare. It is chic and simple. Right to the point ya know?[/caption]

Snow White in July

Well you guys I am going to my first fashion show and I had no idea what to where. The dress is all white but I didn't want to wear a dress or something simple. Being a fashion major it is weird to say this is my FIRST show but it definitely wont be my last, But something I taught myself when in doubt wear what you feel. I wanted to feel comfortable. I make the ankle cuffs at my work in two minutes. I am way to creative. The broaches are my grandmas and the white leggings are from...

H&M love Jones

[caption id="attachment_54" align="aligncenter" width="640"] H&M is my love. Marry me please?![/caption]

Hit & Run

[caption id="attachment_27" align="aligncenter" width="400"] My first post in a very long time. With a new camera I will be posting plenty! [contact-form][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form][/caption]