UP In The Clouds — shoes

Gitty Up

She looks like she can gallop down the runway just the way I like. Theses shoes are more than bomb. They are so unique and have lots of the circle of life to follow them.

Tomboy Gameboy Take-over

I just remember when i was little Pokemon was my favorite EVERYTHING. Perks of a 90's baby. I love the way they incorporated my two favorite things. this takes the meaning of taking something new and old and turning it into fashion.

Yes We Know Sir

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="639,640"] This man has created more than just the amazing shoe he is an innovator and has an amazing creative brain. This is something that I would honestly be very hesitant to buy just because I own a pair of platform sneakers and I trip ALL the time. I trip all the time anyway but you have to think about it these also have wheels too. I have seen these in person and the are very hard shoes and chunky if you are into that type of stuff. The have a little metal button to release the wheels...