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Gitty Up

090613_Tommy_Ton_S2014RTW_slide_126She looks like she can gallop down the runway just the way I like. Theses shoes are more than bomb. They are so unique and have lots of the circle of life to follow them.

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Tomboy Gameboy Take-over

shoe61 I just remember when i was little Pokemon was my favorite EVERYTHING. Perks of a 90's baby. I love the way they incorporated my two favorite things. this takes the meaning of taking something new and old and turning it into fashion.
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Yes We Know Sir


[gallery type="slideshow" ids="639,640"] This man has created more than just the amazing shoe he is an innovator and has an amazing creative brain. This is something that I would honestly be very hesitant to buy just because I own a pair of platform sneakers and I trip ALL the time. I trip all the time anyway but you have to think about it these also have wheels too. I have seen these in person and the are very hard shoes and chunky if you are into that type of stuff. The have a little metal button to release the wheels but when they are retracted unfortunately you can still hear the clinking on the bottom of the shoes. It is very obvious that there are wheels at the bottom of them. Although these are amazing shoes I would not buy them for my safety and others safety. lol
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